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Barco - Science Museum Valladolid Planetarium

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Barco - Science Museum Valladolid Planetarium
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“The result is magnificent while the eco-footprint is astonishingly low”

In 2003, the city council of Valladolid, Spain, proudly inaugurated its Science Museum, featuring Spain’s very first digital planetarium as its centerpiece. Six Barco CRT projectors helped bring the solar system, galaxies and stars to life on the 11-meter diameter planetarium dome. “The planetarium has always been the most popular part of our science museum,” explains Inés Rodríguez Hidalgo, Museum Director. “After 12 years, however, it was high time for more advanced projectors and new simulation software.”

Shootouts: a good way to go

‘Sustainability’ was one of the main criteria in the Planetarium’s choice for new technology. So they resolutely chose LED projectors. “We have been working together with Barco successfully for many years, so we were happy to suggest Barco solutions for the Valladolid planetarium. A Barco team organized a shootout at the planetarium, so that the client could see how the projection would look in their dome. Such tests are very valuable to help the client decide,” said Estelle Pacalon, Sales and Marketing Manager of planetarium manufacturer RSA Cosmos.

30%+ energy savings

Barco’s FL35 WQXGA – the world’s highest resolution LED DLP projector – appeared to be just the ticket. Since early 2015, the Valladolid Planetarium has been featuring six FL35 projectors. With its 2,560 x 1,600 native resolution, a brightness level of up 1,000 ANSI lumens and 24/7 operating time, the FL35 truly excels in image quality and stability. “The result is magnificent, both with live programs such as the night sky viewing and the projection of films. Equally important, however, is the projectors’ low eco- footprint. We save over 30% on power consumption, compared to projectors with conventional lamps,” Rodríguez Hidalgo concluded. A great way to help preserve our planet …

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