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Barco data visualization system is the “mastermind” of China’s Guangzhou Metro

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 Barco data visualization system is the “mastermind” of China’s Guangzhou Metro
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In the city of the same name located just northwest of Hong Kong in China, the Guangzhou Metro has gone through plenty of changes in the last few years. 19 new rail lines will open by 2020 – increasing the overall complexity of the network, boosting the number of transfer hubs available to passengers and giving more flexibility to commuters. The end of 2016 marks a thorough upgrade of the Center for Operation, Control and Command (COCC), featuring a Barco OverView OVL-815 series video wall system controlled by Barco TransForm N-series processors that enables this “brain” of the transit system to monitor power supplies, train network metrics, passenger flows and other important data to safeguard over 7 million travelers every day.

Intelligent integration

Like many advanced control systems around the world, the Guangzhou Metro COCC chose a Barco video wall to complete its state-of-the-art control room. This “nerve center” of the extensive transit system collects and processes all the data generated by the line network through an intelligent data and information management system, presenting it on the 72-unit OverView video wall in real time. The 24 x 3-unit LED-lit array offers extremely high resolution to clearly display each piece of information as well as high brightness, excellent color gamut, stability and maintenance-free operation.

Several Barco TransForm N-series processors collect and distribute data, optimizing it for display on the COCC’s video wall. Processing 48 sources of input and providing 12 output nodes, the TransForm processors are connected to 8 application servers, providing operators with the most flexible and convenient ways of transmitting and displaying signal sources from cameras, sensors and computers located across the metro system.

Crucial role in emergency response

Barco has a reputation for the world’s best video walls. Here at COCC, Barco OverView array is the biggest and most advanced in China, able to process signals and video from the network 24/7. It plays a crucial role in COCC’s ability to respond to emergencies and other incidents, and it furthers the drive for green transportation solutions.