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Barco weConnect shapes the future of education at Radboud University

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Barco weConnect shapes the future of education at Radboud University
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The research and education at Radboud University are optimized with the use of the right resources and infrastructure. Radboud University decided to incorporate innovative technology that would encourage greater interaction not only between students, but also between students and teachers, taking the learning experience to new heights. The university trusted the expertise of Barco Education to work together on more engaging and Radboud University is determined to offer students the highest standards of education. This means incorporating innovative approaches that get the most out of the learning experience. As such, the university invested in 2 collaboration rooms where students are able to collaborate more freely, not only with each other, but with their teachers as well. With the interactivity possibilities like silent questions, polling or quizzing offered by the Barco weConnect technology, the traditional one-directional educational approach has been turned into a genuine all-round collaborative and truly creative experience. It enables a completely new way of teaching, which looks more like coaching than lecturing.


Radboud University has recently invested in new approaches to learning experiences with two new collaboration rooms. The rooms allow teacher to let the students work in groups, share ideas and with the entire class and work directly with the teacher using Barco weConnect technology. 

“In my field of expertise, students learn by looking for solutions to corporate problems,” says the Corporate Strategy teacher, Sjors Witjes. “They need to collaborate, discuss and work with each other.” 

Thanks to the set-up in the collaboration rooms, students do are able to truly work together in smaller teams, think reflectively and learn from each other. At the same time, the collaborative approach strengthens the creativity of students with suggestions, ideas and recommendations from other groups. 


It was the recognition of quality and flexibility of the educational solution that led Radboud University to choosing Barco weConnect collaboration rooms. 

“We had already seen a few demonstrations,” explains René Hagels, Head of Facilitatory Support. “Barco weConnect opened our eyes to new possibilities in learning experiences. We could further develop our education, our teaching methods and the ways we collaborate.”

It was the flexibility and user-friendliness of the SaaS solution that convinced Radboud University that Barco was the right choice to make.

“The technology in the rooms works seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure, and perfectly allows BYOD for teachers and students on our campus. This flexibility is a must considering how mobile devices are an inherent part of our lives nowadays.” 

New possibilities

Students will not just use the collaboration rooms for teaching purposes and lectures. René Hagels sees other opportunities:

“The rooms are also used for brainstorm sessions and meetings. With a group of students in one space, working together, but still separately. Even outside lectures, they’ll learn to collaborate thanks to the interactive, new possibilities of these rooms.” future-proof educational solutions.