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Conferencing for Control - Clear, Convenient Sound with ADECIA Microphones

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Conferencing for Control - Clear, Convenient Sound with ADECIA Microphones
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Established in 1995 in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Syntec Technology Co. Ltd creates control solutions for CNC controllers, machine automation, servo motors and drives in the metalworking, woodworking, laser cutting and other industries.

The company needs to communicate effectively with its offices and customers throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas, so high quality audio is a priority for its conferencing facilities.

Two rooms received an audio upgrade, the first a video conference room for senior executives with a bright, simple and stylish design. Here it was requested that almost no equipment would be visible. The second space is a large conference room, which features a U-shaped conference table for 20 people.

Both spaces feature ceiling speakers, so it was important that sound has to be clearly collected and transmitted, without the risk of feedback between the ceiling speakers and microphones, which may cause remote participants to hear a delayed echo of their own speech.


After looking at all available options, Yamaha ADECIA conferencing solution microphones were selected, along with an RM-CR remote conference processor and SWR2100P-5G network switch.

An RM-CG ceiling array microphone is installed in the video conference room for senior executives. The Dante-compatible unit is equipped with a four way auto-tracking beamforming array and unique digital signal processing (DSP) technologies. These allow it to automatically detect who is speaking and pick up the sound from that area, while reducing unwanted noise from other areas, such as papers and cups being moved.

The large conference room has nine RM-TT tabletop array microphones installed on its U-shaped table.

The RM-TT’s innovative DSP provides six options for microphone pickup patterns, which can be selected according to the meeting format and the number of participants. Automatic tracking of who is speaking allows for flexible room layout and participant positioning, while adaptive echo cancelling, auto gain control, noise reduction and reverberation suppression deliver the highest possible quality sound to remote participants.

With Dante audio/control and power over Ethernet (PoE) through a single network cable, the RM-TT is straightforward, clean and tidy to install. When coordinating with interior designers, this helps the audio contractor to reach a consensus more quickly and therefore reduce communication time and cost.

The intelligent technology and unobtrusive design of the RM-CG and RM-TT microphones, plus the straightforward control and ease of concealment of the RM-CR remote conference processor and SWR2100P-5G network switch, mean that Syntec Technology Co. Ltd can conduct conferences and presentations where remote participants always hear highly intelligible speech, while those in the room can work naturally without having to be aware of the technology.