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1:4 Splitter for DisplayPort

Model: EXT-DP-144

Product Info

<b>Distribute a DisplayPort source to four locations</b> <br><br> The Gefen 1:4 Splitter for DisplayPort allows a DisplayPort-equipped source to be connected to four DisplayPort displays. EDID management provides rapid integration of source and displays. Two or more of these splitters can be connected together to create larger video distribution networks. <br><br> <b>How It Works</b> <br><br> Connect a DisplayPort source to the input on the splitter using the supplied DisplayPort cable. Connect up to four DisplayPort high-definition displays to the outputs of the 1:4 Splitter for DisplayPort. Note: If the source and/or displays are not 100% DisplayPort compliant, a protocol-specific adapter will be required in order to connect the non-compliant source to the splitter, or to connect the splitter to the non-compliant display.

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